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What is a Whatamagump?  Discover adventure and concur fears with this 32 page, hardcover picture book for children and art lovers. 


For a limited time download your FREE photo of the Whatamagump scene that never made it into the book.  Hurry, this is a limited time opportunity.  


 "My Grandson loves his book! Gave it to him for Easter and he wanted to read it immediately. Loves the story and the pictures. Thanks for a great book!"

------ Cheryl M

About The Whatamagump

The Whatamagump is a picture book about a nervous monster who finds his courage with the help of his friend, a scrappy little girl named Julie with a warm heart and a taste for adventure! 


Written by acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Tyrone Wells, the content of the book is delivered in a whimsical and familiar 'Dr. Seuss' style rhyme scheme, and aims to help kids overcome their fears through a fun, lighthearted story supported by captivating artwork created by hand in cinematic detail by Broken Eagle LLC in Portland, OR.

This Book is Incredibly Unique 

The Whatamagump is an wonderfully unusual book in the way it was illustrated. While most picture books are drawn, painted or rendered on a computer, Broken Eagle Studio decided to take it a few steps further by creating every element in Tyrone's story by hand and photographing the images with a camera.

The process was incredibly tedious and time consuming, more akin to a stop motion film than a book, but the result is a book that stands alone in it's unique approach and artistry. 

These photos give a glimpse into the thousands of hours that went in to making The Whatamagump become a reality.  Additional images and video can be seen on the Whatamagump Instagram account.


A 32 page, hardcover picture book for children and art lovers written by acclaimed singer/songwriter Tyrone Wells, with handmade artwork produced by Broken Eagle Studio

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