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The Author  

Tyrone Wells is a well known and loved singer songwriter originally from Spokane Washington. Over the course of his 15 year career, he has released an impressive 10 full length albums. Interestingly enough, though you may not recognize his face, you've likely heard his music!


In addition to numerous top spots earned on iTunes, he also has over 50 film and TV placements for such productions as “American Idol,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Odd Life of Timothy Green,” “Something Borrowed,” “Vampire Diaries,” “One Tree Hill,” “Private Practice.” 

The Artists

Formed in 2014 by Greg Boettcher and Bryan McIntyre, Broken Eagle combines the talent and knowledge base of two artists who are passionate about handmade artwork.


Broken Eagle gained recent notoriety nationally for producing the miniatures in Wieden + Kennedy’s wildly successful viral Miniature KFC Restaurant campaign in Portland.


In addition to the work they've created together, you have likely seen more of Greg and Bryan's handywork in films such as The Boxtrolls, Paranorman, The Dark Knight, Inception, Chronicles of Narnia (and more), as well as stop motion television commercials for Haagen Dazs, AT&T, Planters Peanuts, Chipotle, Nissan, Target and many more.

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