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Production begins 1/23/17
Shop setup for Production
Julie Parts being molded
Julie Parts cast in Resin
Julie Parts
Kitchen Props before paint
Julie Character storyboards
Julie Development Castings
Prototype Gump Prepped for Molding
Tools of the trade
Gump Doll
Bathtub Sculpture
Gump Parts
Julie Head
Julie Parts
Little Tweaks
Test fitting
The Jink
Playground Mockup
Bathroom sink ready for paint
Jink Sculpture in Process
Whatamagump Expressions
One of many Julie Faces
Lookin' good!
Test Assembly
Kitchen Chair process
Just hanging around
Gump Assembly
Toilet ready for paint
Tiny TP ready for paint
Designing Gumpland
Table in Process
Art Direction
set dressing test
Gumps awaiting paint
Kitchen Cabinet Doors ready for pain
Finished bathtub
Bathroom props ready for set
Llama Lamp
Rubber ducky
Kitchen Ceiling fan
Kitchen Props ready for paint
Kitchen Windows
Tree Texture
Happy Painted face!
Tree sculpt in process
Kitchen props ready for paint
Greg paints Julie faces
Tree canopy
So many props to paint!
Painted Julie Faces
Clean up on Isle 4!
Development Doll
Sidewalk texture
Julie's house
Test dressing
Tiny Flowers
Tree Texture
Closet Doors
Tree canopy test before leaves added
Taking a swim
Size Test
Test dressing
Finished kitchen props ready for set
Sidewalk texturing
Kitchen props ready for set
Gumps await paint
Gump awaiting paint
Stump sculpted and ready for paint
Kitchen color test
Set Dressing
Behind the Scenes of the 'Ball' page
Flower & Friendship
Greg paints the gumps
So many Gumps to paint!
Breaking the 4th wall
Gump Character study
Julie's room in Process
Early Development shot
Julie's room takes shape
Model Maker Heaven
Prototype Julie paintjob
Development pictures
Bedroom Props
Breaking the 4th wall
Julie's coat rack in process
Julie's Board Games
Julie's finished coat rack
Curtain rod hardware
Julie's toys
Julie's chair ready for paint
Julie's books
Set dressing
Installing curtain hardware
Development Gump
Original Prototype Julie Mold
Julie being molded

Behind The Scenes  

The Whatamagump is an incredibly unusual book in the way it was illustrated. While most picture books are drawn, painted or rendered on a computer, Broken Eagle Studio decided to take it a few steps further by creating every element in Tyrone's story by hand and photographing the images with a camera.

The process was incredibly tedious and time consuming, more akin to a stop motion film than a book, but the result is a book that stands alone in it's unique approach and artistry. 

These photos give a glimpse into the thousands of hours that went in to making The Whatamagump become a reality.  Additional images and video can be seen on the Whatamagump Instagram account.

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