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The Story

The Whatamagump is a delightful story about a  lovable monster who overcomes his biggest fears with the help and courage of his best friend; an adorably scrappy little girl named Julie with a big heart and a taste for adventure! 

Combining Tyrone Wells' powerful storytelling sensibilities and Broken Eagle Studio's hyper detailed cinematic handcrafted art, “The Whatamagump” is both a joy to read and a visual treat for the eyes that will keep you coming back again and again!


The Whatamagump was largely funded by a tremendously successful crowfunding campaign which met it's goal on Thanksgiving Day 2016. Broken Eagle Studio, of Portland Oregon, began its massive month’s long production in January 2017. After a long wait, the much anticipated release of The Whatamagump has finally arrived!


The self published 32 page, hardcover picture book is accompanied by a Music EP and Read-Along written and performed by the author, Tyrone Wells. The Whatamagump is perfect for Children and Art lovers!

Watch the video that started it all!

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